protect your pet

Did you know that all dogs and cats are susceptible to flea and tick infestations? This time of year is especially dangerous as fleas thrive in warm and humid weather, and ticks are outside in wooded and grassy areas where pets may play.

Protect your pets this season with flea and tick products from Pleasant Hills Pet Hospital! From August 1-September 31, 2016, we are offering $25 off Vectra 6-packs and $20 off Revolution 6-packs. A physical examination of your pet must have been performed within the last year to receive the discount.

In addition, to help provide your pet with year-round protection, you can enter to win four tickets to the September 23, 2016 Pittsburgh Pirates game if you buy a 12-month supply of Interceptor Plus!*

Life is better for your pets and your family without parasites. Take advantage of our end-of-summer promotions and stop by or call (412) 655-8710 to purchase your discounted flea and tick products!

*Offer valid August 1-31, 2016. Dogs must have been examined by one of our doctors within the past 12 months to be eligible.