Did you know that all dogs and cats are susceptible to flea and tick infestations? Protect your pets with flea and tick products from Pleasant Hills Pet Hospital!

protect your petFrom October 1-31, 2017, we are offering $25 off Vectra 6-packs for dogs and $20 off Revolution 6-packs for cats. A physical examination of your pet must have been performed within the last year to receive the discount.

In addition, if you purchase a 6-pack of Vectra 3D AND a 6-pack of Interceptor Plus (heartworm preventative for dogs) at the same time, you will receive a $25 rebate. Feel free to combine these offers and and get a total of $50 off your 6 months of Vectra!

Life is better for your pets and your family without parasites. Stop in, or call (412) 655-8710 to purchase your discounted flea and tick products!